The first place for warranty questions is from your retailer. If you bought your gear from Swobo.com, great, that's us! In all other cases please contact your Swobo dealer for assistance. We'll be happy to work with them to do you right.



Fort Collins Bicycle Company llc. warrants to the original owner of a new Swobo bicycle or frame, that any bicycle or frame purchased after 2012 from an authorized Swobo dealer or from Swobo directly, will be free from defects in material and workmanship for life. Bicycles or frames purchased before this time fall under Santa Cruz Bicycle warranty and guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 5 years from date of purchase. All components are covered under relevant manufacturers' warranties, which is typically 1 year from date of purchase. Paint and finish are warranted for 1 year from date of purchase. This warranty is conditioned upon the bicycle or frame being ridden under normal circumstances and being properly maintained. Swobo Bicycles will replace with the same or comparable part, any frame or original component that is determined to be defective during the applicable warranty period. Dealer labor charges or any shipping expense associated with warranty related work, are the sole responsibility of the bicycle owner. Every bicycle and frameset has a useful product cycle, depending on materials used, construction, proper maintenance, care of the bicycle, weather and rider characteristics. Exclusions to the warranty include damage to the frame or component caused by improper assembly, improper maintenance, clamping the seat tube in a bike stand, jumping, trick riding, riding with heavy loads and other types of non-standard use. This warranty applies to original owner only and is not transferable. Changing or adding unauthorized components, other than tires and tubes of equal specifications, may void this warranty. 


Swobo recognizes, however, that sometimes Stuff Happens. We understand the physical properties of the materials we use and we know that tubing doesn't bend or break or crack under normal use unless the aforementioned happens. We've engineered the frames to last longer than 5 years if you take care of them and don't leave them exposed to salt water and other flotsam and jetsam. So there is an inherent respect for you, the worker who made your frame and the environment, with the promise that you can expect a long and happy life on a Swobo bike. So don't tell us you were "just riding along" when you fork bent back and your wheel is now scraping the downtube. We are riders, too, and we've been around the block a few times, so if you dumped your bike into a Boston pothole or hit a lamp pole on the way home from the pub or smacked into a fire hydrant avoiding a black cat, we sympathize and will try to help you out, as we've done all those things. We want you to keep riding our bikes. So in the event of unlucky Stuff Happening, please refer to our SH Policy.


We will offer replacement frames at a significant discount to our customers who forget the bike is on top of the car when they pull into an In-N-Out Burger, or have the bad luck to crash. We extend this to original owners only. If you bought it at an authorized Swobo dealer, please see them for details. If you bought it from us, we will require a digital photo of the damage. We promise to make it as easy as possible.